Every Season

A few years ago, I read an article about how we should see life in terms of seasons. There is wisdom in that, I thought, as it gives one hope that hardships may only be for a time and not forever. Equally, a period of intense blessing also lasts for a while before another season starts anew. This humbles us as we experience the inexplicable happiness we get from a season of blessing. It teaches us to plant both feet on the ground at all times as we never know when life will throw in the punches.

After a tiring but very exciting season of building, I am now back to a season of slowing down and enjoying the fruit of that season. Whenever I stop and sit and appreciate every detail of our home, I feel so overwhelmed at how God had worked everything out so perfectly. This house was built in faith, I tell you. Left to ourselves, we never could have afforded everything but He sent blessing after blessing after blessing AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. It is amazing how when you entrust everything to the Lord, He will take it and give you something more. Much, much more.

God knows how many times worry had crept in on my mind during the years of saving up for this house. Only by surrendering everything to Him was I able to feel peace to get on with my days.

In a few weeks I am about to enter another busy season as I attend my last term in grad school. (Hello, Thesis!) I relish the days I have now — slow, sometimes unthinking, just going through the motions of life. Just the same I thank God for this season for it allows me to deposit countless hours in my family’s love tank and make time for friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Every season is beautiful and purposeful if you take time to reflect on it. A season of pruning moulds your character, a season of blessing makes you appreciate life more, and a season of quiet makes you realize what really matters.

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