Year-end prayer 2016

It is a little early for a year-end prayer but today I just felt like writing one. I hope amid the busy Christmas season, you also find time to thank the LORD for the year that is about to end, and to pray for your plans next year.

(PROVERBS 19:21)


Dear God,

First of all, thank you for opening worlds for me this 2016. Thank you for allowing me to realize things about myself and to think of ways on how to move forward. Thank you for your mercies and forgiveness, as it allows me to forgive the people that wronged me.

Thank you for revealing yourself to me. I have never known you as much as I know you now. I am eternally grateful for Your love. I pray that next year will be another milestone in our relationship.

LORD, I have many goals for 2017 and beyond and I am praying for alignment to your purposes. I recognize that I have many plans but ultimately it is Your purpose that prevails. You know what is in my heart and You know that those plans and desires were made first to honor You and second to celebrate the person that You have created me to be. I offer it all up to you. Use my talents and my skills to advance Your Kingdom here on earth in one way or another.

And LORD, starting this very moment until I lay to rest, help me to constantly think less of me and more of You. I can only do things through Your strength and that’s the only way I want it to be. Enable me to fulfill your plans and purposes for me.

As always, thank you for your provisions, for our good health, for our milestones as a family. We are living victorious lives because You love us. Thank you for loving us despite us. You are really a loving and merciful God. There is none like You. I love you, Daddy.

Your daughter,

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